Paul Ward


Krav Maga Carlow and Paulie's Boot Camp

If you are interested in Krav Maga Self Defence or you are thinking about getting into shape then you’ve come to the right place. At  EXtreme Combat Ireland  we have a Krav Maga Carlow self defense school and Paulie’s boot camp classes for Beginners and high intensity athlethes

Krav Maga is a self-defence system originally developed for the military and it combines a wide range of martial arts techniques including boxing, Judo, Muay Thai, jiu-jitsu, wrestling and many others martial art styles to enable practitioners to defend themselves in realistic situations.

Both our Krav Maga school and boot camp is based in Carlow and we are always delighted to welcome beginners even if you’ve never tried any form of martial arts before and regardless of your current level of fitness. Paul is an expert in Krav Maga and Fitness Training.

Krav Maga training