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Thinking of doing Martial Arts in Carlow

Why Krav Maga

People decide to do martial arts for many reasons.  Sometimes it’s to get back into shape (and I can promise you that will happen if you join our Carlow Krav Maga Class), sometimes it’s just to become part of a club but in a lot of cases it’s because you are looking for some practical self defence skills.

If your are new to martial arts you will be faced with a choice of several different styles and systems and it can be a bit confusing to decide which is the best one or which one would suit you the most.

Now I’m not going to try to say any one style of martial arts is better than other but what sets Krav Maga apart from many other martial arts is we focus almost solely on practical self defence skills that are effective in real life situations and we will start teaching you these skills in your very first class.

Of course it takes time and practice for any new student to become proficient at Krav Maga but even within a short space of time you will learn skills that you can apply if you are unlucky enough to get into a tricky situation.

If you are considering joining a martial arts school in Carlow  I would suggest you come down to one of our classes just to see what we do and ideally you should take part to get a real experience of Krav Maga.

You’ll find all our training times here